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January 12, 2023
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Dame fuego (1994)    Listen Movie Details
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5.7/10 57%
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Movie basic details

Current status - Released
Total runtime - 106 mins.
Release date - 25-11-1994
Release year - 1994
Genres - Thriller

Overall ratings and scores for Dame fuego:
Happiness Score - 5.7/10, World Popularity Score - 1.4/100, IMDB Score - 6.6, Metascore - N/A, Internet Movie Database - 6.6/10, .
Dame fuego movie has Total Global Votes - 3, Total IMD Votes - 32

Dame fuego Movie Introduction: Movie Dame fuego, release year 1995 is written by Héctor Carré and directed by Héctor Carré. The leading star-cast in this movie are Mercedes Sampietro, Juanjo Menéndez, Camilo Rodríguez along with the other stars and crew members.

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Movie overview and plot by

Movie in-short: N/A

Movie story-line: Dengue is a shy, innocent and passionate boy. Without realizing it, he becomes victim of a plot to extort his father. The cause is Candela who lures him into fall in love with her.

Movie synopsis: N/A

Highlights - Dame fuego (1994)

Total budget - $0.00
Total revenue - $0.00
Produced by -
Produced in - Spain
Available languages - Spanish (Español),
Homepage URL -
Awards won / Nominations - 1 win & 1 nomination
Certificate(s) -

Lead Actors, Writer(s), Director(s) of Dame fuego (1994)

Lead Actors - Mercedes Sampietro, Juanjo Menéndez, Camilo Rodríguez
Writer(s) - Héctor Carré
Director(s) - Héctor Carré

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ) about Dame fuego (1994)

What is the release date of Dame fuego (1994)?
Release date of Dame fuego (1994) is 25-11-1994.

What is the total runtime of Dame fuego (1994) in minutes?
Total runtime of Dame fuego (1994) in minutes is N/A.

What is the budget consumed to produce Dame fuego (1994) movie?
The budget consumed to produce Dame fuego (1994) movie is around $0.00.

How much revenue is expected from movie Dame fuego (1994)?
Expected revenue from movie movie Dame fuego (1994) is around $0.00.

What is the pupularity of Dame fuego (1994)?
Worldwide pupularity of Dame fuego (1994) movie is 1.4%.

What is the name of the production company of film Dame fuego (1994)?
Production company of film Dame fuego (1994) is/are .

Which country the film Dame fuego (1994) is produced in?
Film production country for the film Dame fuego (1994) is Spain, .

Which language the film Dame fuego (1994) is produced in?
Film Dame fuego (1994) is produced in Spanish (Español), language(s).

Which Genre the film Dame fuego (1994) belongs to?
Movie Dame fuego (1994) is categorized under Thriller genre(s).

Who are the lead actors of the film Dame fuego (1994)?
Lead actors of the film Dame fuego (1994) are Mercedes Sampietro, Juanjo Menéndez, Camilo Rodríguez.

Who is the writer of the film Dame fuego (1994)?
The writer(s) of the film Dame fuego (1994) is/are Héctor Carré.

Who is the director of the film Dame fuego (1994)?
The director(s) of the film Dame fuego (1994) is/are Héctor Carré.

Which awards, nominations and recognitions are won by Dame fuego (1994) movie?
Movie Dame fuego (1994) has 1 win & 1 nomination awards and nomination in it's profile.

What is the story of Dame fuego (1994) in-short?
Short plot of movie Dame fuego (1994): N/A.

What is the full story of Dame fuego (1994) movie?
Full plot of movie Dame fuego (1994): N/A.

Where to find full details of Dame fuego (1994) movie?
You can find the full details of movie Dame fuego (1994) at https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0121181

Where to stream or watch movie Dame fuego (1994) online?
You can stream or watch online movie Dame fuego (1994) on .

List of full Starcast and crew members of Dame fuego (1994)

Full Starcast:

profie photo of Camilo RodríguezName: Camilo Rodríguez
Character: Dengue

profie photo of Ana OteroName: Ana Otero
Character: Candela

profie photo of Juanjo MenéndezName: Juanjo Menéndez
Character: D. Santiago

profie photo of Mercedes SampietroName: Mercedes Sampietro
Character: Gladys

profie photo of Beatriz BergamínName: Beatriz Bergamín
Character: Sonsoles

profie photo of Rodrigo RoelName: Rodrigo Roel
Character: Zuazo

profie photo of Evaristo CalvoName: Evaristo Calvo
Character: Termes

profie photo of Carles SansName: Carles Sans
Character: Borracho

profie photo of Nancho NovoName: Nancho Novo
Character: Vendedor

profie photo of María PortoName: María Porto
Character: Nena incendio

profie photo of Manuel LourenzoName: Manuel Lourenzo
Character: Jefe de bomberos

profie photo of Sonia MartínezName: Sonia Martínez
Character: Doncella

profie photo of Santiago FernándezName: Santiago Fernández
Character: Mayordomo

profie photo of Carolina VázquezName: Carolina Vázquez
Character: Dependienta

profie photo of Manuel AreosoName: Manuel Areoso
Character: Policía 1

profie photo of Paco CamposName: Paco Campos
Character: Policía 2

profie photo of Carlos DomingoName: Carlos Domingo
Character: Mozo 1

profie photo of Isabel VallejoName: Isabel Vallejo
Character: Moza 1

profie photo of Pablo BaldorName: Pablo Baldor

profie photo of Juanma NavasName: Juanma Navas

Crew Members:

profie photo of Nacho Ruiz CapillasName: Nacho Ruiz Capillas
Department: Editing
Job/Role: Editor

profie photo of Juan Carlos GómezName: Juan Carlos Gómez
Department: Camera
Job/Role: Director of Photography

profie photo of Josune LasaName: Josune Lasa
Department: Costume & Make-Up
Job/Role: Costume Design

profie photo of Bingen MendizábalName: Bingen Mendizábal
Department: Sound
Job/Role: Original Music Composer

profie photo of Héctor CarréName: Héctor Carré
Department: Writing
Job/Role: Screenplay

profie photo of Héctor CarréName: Héctor Carré
Department: Directing
Job/Role: Director

profie photo of Héctor CarréName: Héctor Carré
Department: Production
Job/Role: Producer

profie photo of Suso MonteroName: Suso Montero
Department: Art
Job/Role: Art Direction

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