About us

What is watchonemovie.com?

watchonemovie.com is the platform to share your views & feedback about a movie. Users can get a brief overall understanding about the movie.

What this platform can be used for?

User can make use of this platform for various reasons:

  • Share their view and feedback about a movie in terms of Reviews & Ratings
  • Get overall idea about the movie’s popularity and viewership
  • Get movie details such as: Starcast, Crew details, Complete movie details, Brief story etc..
  • Watch movie trailers and get movie posters & wallpapers

Is this platform free to use?

Yes currently watchonemovie.com website/platform is free to use.

In case of any issue, where shoul I contact?

We are available at [email protected]; or Contact Us

You can expect the response in 3-5 business days.

— Team MRI (watchonemovie.com)