İntikamcı (1986)

January 14, 2023
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2.5/10 25%
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Movie basic details

Current status - Released
Total runtime - 70 mins.
Release date - 01-01-1986
Release year - 1986
Genres - Action, Adventure

Overall ratings and scores for Intikamci:
Happiness Score - 2.5/10, World Popularity Score - 0.6/100, IMDB Score - 5.2, Metascore - N/A, Internet Movie Database - 5.2/10, .
Intikamci movie has Total Global Votes - 2, Total IMD Votes - 13

Intikamci Movie Introduction: Movie Intikamci, release year 1986 is written by Çetin Inanç and directed by Çetin Inanç. The leading star-cast in this movie are Ümit Acar, Serdar Kebapçilar, Ibrahim Kurt along with the other stars and crew members.

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Movie overview and plot by

Movie in-short: N/A

Movie story-line: A warrior searches for the murderer of his teenage daughter.

Movie synopsis: N/A

Highlights - Intikamci (1986)

Total budget - $0.00
Total revenue - $0.00
Produced by - Anıt Film
Produced in - Turkey
Available languages - Turkish (Türkçe),
Homepage URL -
Awards won / Nominations - N/A
Certificate(s) -

Lead Actors, Writer(s), Director(s) of Intikamci (1986)

Lead Actors - Ümit Acar, Serdar Kebapçilar, Ibrahim Kurt
Writer(s) - Çetin Inanç
Director(s) - Çetin Inanç

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ) about Intikamci (1986)

What is the release date of Intikamci (1986)?
Release date of Intikamci (1986) is 01-01-1986.

What is the total runtime of Intikamci (1986) in minutes?
Total runtime of Intikamci (1986) in minutes is N/A.

What is the budget consumed to produce Intikamci (1986) movie?
The budget consumed to produce Intikamci (1986) movie is around $0.00.

How much revenue is expected from movie Intikamci (1986)?
Expected revenue from movie movie Intikamci (1986) is around $0.00.

What is the pupularity of Intikamci (1986)?
Worldwide pupularity of Intikamci (1986) movie is 0.6%.

What is the name of the production company of film Intikamci (1986)?
Production company of film Intikamci (1986) is/are Anıt Film, .

Which country the film Intikamci (1986) is produced in?
Film production country for the film Intikamci (1986) is Turkey, .

Which language the film Intikamci (1986) is produced in?
Film Intikamci (1986) is produced in Turkish (Türkçe), language(s).

Which Genre the film Intikamci (1986) belongs to?
Movie Intikamci (1986) is categorized under Action, Adventure genre(s).

Who are the lead actors of the film Intikamci (1986)?
Lead actors of the film Intikamci (1986) are Ümit Acar, Serdar Kebapçilar, Ibrahim Kurt.

Who is the writer of the film Intikamci (1986)?
The writer(s) of the film Intikamci (1986) is/are Çetin Inanç.

Who is the director of the film Intikamci (1986)?
The director(s) of the film Intikamci (1986) is/are Çetin Inanç.

Which awards, nominations and recognitions are won by Intikamci (1986) movie?
Movie Intikamci (1986) has N/A awards and nomination in it's profile.

What is the story of Intikamci (1986) in-short?
Short plot of movie Intikamci (1986): N/A.

What is the full story of Intikamci (1986) movie?
Full plot of movie Intikamci (1986): N/A.

Where to find full details of Intikamci (1986) movie?
You can find the full details of movie Intikamci (1986) at

Where to stream or watch movie Intikamci (1986) online?
You can stream or watch online movie Intikamci (1986) on .

List of full Starcast and crew members of Intikamci (1986)

Full Starcast:

profie photo of Serdar KebapçılarName: Serdar Kebapçılar

profie photo of Hüseyin PeydaName: Hüseyin Peyda

profie photo of Hikmet TaşdemirName: Hikmet Taşdemir

profie photo of Filiz TaçbaşName: Filiz Taçbaş

profie photo of Ümit AcarName: Ümit Acar

profie photo of Mehmet SamsaName: Mehmet Samsa

profie photo of İbrahim KurtName: İbrahim Kurt

Crew Members:

profie photo of Çetin İnançName: Çetin İnanç
Department: Writing
Job/Role: Screenplay

profie photo of Çetin İnançName: Çetin İnanç
Department: Directing
Job/Role: Director

profie photo of Mehmet KarahafızName: Mehmet Karahafız
Department: Production
Job/Role: Producer

profie photo of Dinçer ÖnalName: Dinçer Önal
Department: Crew
Job/Role: Cinematography

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