Der Rosenkavalier (1994)

December 29, 2022
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Movie basic details

Current status - Released
Total runtime - 0 mins.
Release date - 01-01-1994
Release year - 1994
Genres - Music

Overall ratings and scores for Der Rosenkavalier:
Happiness Score - 0/10, World Popularity Score - 0.804/100, IMDB Score - 8.4, Metascore - N/A, Internet Movie Database - 8.4/10, .
Der Rosenkavalier movie has Total Global Votes - 0, Total IMD Votes - 34

Der Rosenkavalier Movie Introduction: Movie Der Rosenkavalier, release year 1994 is written by Hugo von Hofmannsthal (comedy for music in three acts by) and directed by Horant H. Hohlfeld. The leading star-cast in this movie are Felicity Lott, Kurt Moll, Anne Sofie von Otter, Gottfried Hornik along with the other stars and crew members.

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Movie in-short: N/A

Movie story-line: Felicity Lott, Anne-Sofie Von Otter, and Kurt Moll star in this production of Richard Strauss' opera, staged in Vienna in 1994. A romantic comedy of errors. Princess von Werdenberg must hide her affair with Octavian from her family; when he disguises himself as a chambermaid to avoid scandalizing the Princess, he is pressed into presenting a gift to Baron Ochs von Lerchenau, who has arrived to propose marriage to Sophie von Faninal. However, Ochs soon finds himself infatuated with the chambermaid, much to Octavian's chagrin, which proves to be only the first of a long series of romantic misunderstandings. This production of Der Rosenkavalier is performed by the Vienna State Orchestra and Chorus, under the direction of Carlos Kleiber.

Movie synopsis: N/A

Highlights - Der Rosenkavalier (1994)

Total budget - $0.00
Total revenue - $0.00
Produced by - Deutsche GrammophonUnitel Classica
Produced in - Austria
Available languages -
Homepage URL -
Awards won / Nominations - N/A
Certificate(s) -

Lead Actors, Writer(s), Director(s) of Der Rosenkavalier (1994)

Lead Actors - Felicity Lott, Kurt Moll, Anne Sofie von Otter, Gottfried Hornik
Writer(s) - Hugo von Hofmannsthal (comedy for music in three acts by)
Director(s) - Horant H. Hohlfeld

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ) about Der Rosenkavalier (1994)

What is the release date of Der Rosenkavalier (1994)?
Release date of Der Rosenkavalier (1994) is 01-01-1994.

What is the total runtime of Der Rosenkavalier (1994) in minutes?
Total runtime of Der Rosenkavalier (1994) in minutes is 193 min.

What is the budget consumed to produce Der Rosenkavalier (1994) movie?
The budget consumed to produce Der Rosenkavalier (1994) movie is around $0.00.

How much revenue is expected from movie Der Rosenkavalier (1994)?
Expected revenue from movie movie Der Rosenkavalier (1994) is around $0.00.

What is the pupularity of Der Rosenkavalier (1994)?
Worldwide pupularity of Der Rosenkavalier (1994) movie is 0.804%.

What is the name of the production company of film Der Rosenkavalier (1994)?
Production company of film Der Rosenkavalier (1994) is/are Deutsche Grammophon, Unitel Classica, .

Which country the film Der Rosenkavalier (1994) is produced in?
Film production country for the film Der Rosenkavalier (1994) is Austria, .

Which language the film Der Rosenkavalier (1994) is produced in?
Film Der Rosenkavalier (1994) is produced in language(s).

Which Genre the film Der Rosenkavalier (1994) belongs to?
Movie Der Rosenkavalier (1994) is categorized under Music, Comedy, Romance genre(s).

Who are the lead actors of the film Der Rosenkavalier (1994)?
Lead actors of the film Der Rosenkavalier (1994) are Felicity Lott, Kurt Moll, Anne Sofie von Otter, Gottfried Hornik.

Who is the writer of the film Der Rosenkavalier (1994)?
The writer(s) of the film Der Rosenkavalier (1994) is/are Hugo von Hofmannsthal (comedy for music in three acts by).

Who is the director of the film Der Rosenkavalier (1994)?
The director(s) of the film Der Rosenkavalier (1994) is/are Horant H. Hohlfeld.

Which awards, nominations and recognitions are won by Der Rosenkavalier (1994) movie?
Movie Der Rosenkavalier (1994) has N/A awards and nomination in it's profile.

What is the story of Der Rosenkavalier (1994) in-short?
Short plot of movie Der Rosenkavalier (1994): N/A.

What is the full story of Der Rosenkavalier (1994) movie?
Full plot of movie Der Rosenkavalier (1994): N/A.

Where to find full details of Der Rosenkavalier (1994) movie?
You can find the full details of movie Der Rosenkavalier (1994) at

Where to stream or watch movie Der Rosenkavalier (1994) online?
You can stream or watch online movie Der Rosenkavalier (1994) on .

List of full Starcast and crew members of Der Rosenkavalier (1994)

Full Starcast:

profie photo of Carlos KleiberName: Carlos Kleiber
Character: Conductor

profie photo of Felicity LottName: Felicity Lott
Character: Die Feldmarschallin

profie photo of Kurt MollName: Kurt Moll
Character: Der Baron Ochs Auf Lerchenau

profie photo of Anne Sofie von OtterName: Anne Sofie von Otter
Character: Octavian

profie photo of Gottfried HornikName: Gottfried Hornik
Character: Faninal

profie photo of Barbara BonneyName: Barbara Bonney
Character: Sophie

profie photo of Olivera MiljakovicName: Olivera Miljakovic
Character: Marianne Leitmetzerin

profie photo of Heinz ZednikName: Heinz Zednik
Character: Valzacchi

profie photo of Anna GondaName: Anna Gonda
Character: Annima

profie photo of Peter WimbergerName: Peter Wimberger
Character: Polizeikommissar

profie photo of Waldemar KmenttName: Waldemar Kmentt
Character: Haushofmeister Bei Der Feldmarschallin

profie photo of Franz KasemannName: Franz Kasemann
Character: Haushofmeister Bei Faninal

profie photo of Wolfgang BanklName: Wolfgang Bankl
Character: Notar

profie photo of Peter JelositsName: Peter Jelosits
Character: Wirt

profie photo of Keith Ikaia-PurdyName: Keith Ikaia-Purdy
Character: Sanger

profie photo of Lotte LeitnerName: Lotte Leitner

profie photo of Orchester der Wiener StaatsoperName: Orchester der Wiener Staatsoper

Crew Members:

profie photo of Horant H. HohlfeldName: Horant H. Hohlfeld
Department: Directing
Job/Role: Director

profie photo of Richard StraussName: Richard Strauss
Department: Sound
Job/Role: Original Music Composer

profie photo of Hugo von HofmannsthalName: Hugo von Hofmannsthal
Department: Writing
Job/Role: Writer

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